Hunting Photos — Stockade Rifle Results

Justin with AR 17 Remington, 3 coyotes and a big smile

Shawn's Zebra and 7WSM Savage with tensioned barrel and leopard print stock

Shawn's African Hunt

Time out for a morning hunt with the help of 17 Remingtons

7x8 Nebraska elk, scored 402. 7mm Rayhill Rocket - 518 yards

Janet & Cy recovering her cow elk. Savage 7 Remington

Colt's antelope shot with Savage 7WSM

Ty with 300lb. mule deer taken with 22-243 Rayhill Rocket at 350 yards

Sorny and his fox baptised custom 223

9 coyotes - one day - AR-17 Remington

Jim Bob with coyote taken by 17 Remington

Jim Bob with 22-243 & Coyote

Richard with his New Mexico antelope & Savage 7WSM